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The history of Valencia Dairy Cooperative started with the National Dairy Authority. They are the  the one who introduce the dairy farming in Valencia Negros Oriental. The Valencia farmers are the recipient of “Palit Baka Program” of the NDA, and the variety of the cow was Holstein it was imported from New Zealand. Where the farmers have to pay one cow (the offspring) to NDA after which, farmer owns the cow.

It was started on the year 2008 the Dairy farmer of Valencia created an association it was named as a Valencia Producer Association. During that time, the president was Sylvio Mercullo. On September 7, 2011 the association was registered with the Cooperative Development Association (CDA) and was changed to the Valencia Dairy Cooperative and the president that time was Roberto S. Topia after 3 terms of being the president it was followed by Federico S. Tuting on the year 2016 up to the present. They started as 23 members with 50 Holstein Friesian Cows, and now they are already 53 members.

The milk extraction is done through manual process. Then the extracted milk is brought to the cooperative and delivered to the processing plant in Dumaguete.

On April 16, 2018 the cooperative joined the COOP SEED PROGRAM under CDA and DTI partnership. The cooperative was given a free seminars, trainings and equipment’s to enhance their business. Instead they deliver their extracted milk in the processing plant of Dumaguete they will do the process and make their own dairy products so that the cooperative earns more. And now the cooperative gives us delicious, safe, and healthy dairy products.

VADCO - History