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Valencia Dairy Cooperative or VADCO is a stable and a registered cooperative since 2011. It is comforting that it helps the local member farmer to promote dairy products. We collaborate with ever dependable National Dairy Authority (NDA) which they provide the milking cow (Holstein Variety). The cooperative also give familiar objectives that makes accelerated dairy herb build-up and milk production among the members. We also want to enhance business through the delivery of excellent technical services at the farm and enterprise level. We want to increase the coverage of the milk feeding program and help reduce malnutrition and mobilize broad support for local milk. Then promote dairy animal management, promotion, procurement and collection of raw milk from farmer members as well as delivery of the same to the federations owned milk processing plant. We are predictable in terms of strategy in our cooperative. Valencia Dairy Cooperative, offers you quality and healthy product that undergoes high standard processing such as Raw Milk, Milk Bars, Pastillas, and Pasteurize Fresh Flavored Milk. We want the best for our member farmer and the consumer.

We are focused more in the manufacturing of raw milk and get the best of dairy product that we can offer to our consumer. The milking extraction is done through manual process. And the extracted milk is brought to the cooperative and delivered to the processing plant in Dumaguete City which is the Norient Fresh. We secure the safety of the consumer in our produce, dairy product because milk sometimes has e. coli and salmonella. We make sure that it undergoes the process called pasteurization with the right temperature for the safety of our consumer. We want to innovate success for our member farmers of the cooperative by promoting new method for extraction of Milk. We want the best for our cooperative.