Something Interesting about Valencia

Hello to the person who read this Blog, I created this blog for you to know something interesting about the one and only Valencia, Negros Oriental. If you hear about this place all you can think is that the delicious Rambotan, Lansones, and the upland resorts few of it are Tierra Alta, Ocean 24, Pulang Bato, and many more. Valencia is just a few minutes drive away from Dumaguete City (Dumaguete is the Capital City of Negros Oriental) by means of Jeepney, Tricycle and of course the most familiar transportation is Motorcycle.

Valencia is also rich in producing fresh vegetables. Every Sunday morning, they have a Paunay sa Plaza, which sell various of product that was harvested and produced by the local farmer of Valencia they sell vegetables like coli flower, squash, carrots, and etc., they also sell fruits like mango, lansones, rambutan, and other fruits that is in season. During evening, they have a night market which offer cook food. The famous food stall there is Nato’s Boneless Lechon, I tell you, it’s really the best boneless Lechon ever. The lechon is crispy, and yummy, it is really a must try.

For me, Valencia is really a wealthy place, wealthy because it is rich in Natural Resources that God created. A place that you are proud of, a place you are safe, and a place that you can relax with your family. I am not from Valencia but I am proud that I am able to enjoy the beauty of nature that Valencia offer. I tell you, come and enjoy Valencia, Negros Oriental. I swear, you will never regret the place. 😊

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